Sheepa MAN


Since ancient times wool is used as a natural protection. By its chemical and morphological composition wool fiber has characteristics that makes it unique and superior to all other natural and artificial fibers.

Wool controls moisture and keeps your body temperature. The basic content of the wool fiber is wool fat or lanoline, which is used in medicine as a main component of the preparation of anti-rheumatic products. Due to its antibacterial and hypo-allergenic activity lanolin does not allow the existence of viruses, bacteria and dust mites, and because of such properties lanolin wool is not suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms that are the biggest irritant of immune system.

There is no doubt and statistic is showing rise in problems of urogenital health.

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Product Description

SHEEPA MAN (men’s underwear) is produced in such way that inserts of natural wool are covered by cotton and placed at the bottom of the crotch. This kind of lining will have a beneficial effect on the genital parts of males in all ages.

Probability of occurring inflammation of any form is decreased by using this product due to its composition. Hypothermia of the lower part of the belly is prevented, so there are beneficial effects on preserving the health of urogenital system or reduction of already existing symptoms of inflammation by natural warmth that wool is maintaining.

Seniors that have any problems with urinating, incontinence of any form and/or inflammation, acute or chronic, should use these products in order to solve them.

Additional Information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm

Red, Black, Black Red