Innovative Underwear To Protect You

Basic natural materials, that SHEEPA® products are made of, are the two oldest materials: wool (fiber of animal origin) and cotton (plant origin). Wool is one of the many wonders of nature, since ancient times used as a natural protection. By its chemical and morphological composition wool fiber has characteristics that makes it unique and superior to all other natural and artificial materials.

Also, as a perfect thermal regulator, wool keeps body temperature constant, providing a feeling of warmth. Wool fiber has an ability to process excessive body moisture by releasing it into the environment, and to return the necessary residue into the body – skin, thus controlling moisture and isolating it from outside influences.

Basic wool ingredient is wool grease or lanolin, which is used in medicine and makes the basis of all antirheumatic products. Thanks to its antibacterial and antiallergic effect, lanolin prevents survival of viruses, bacteria and mites. It’s exactly this property of lanolin that makes wool unfit environment for developing of microorganisms, the biggest irritant of immune system.

SHEEPA® products are unique and patented. Modern design, comfortable with preventive functionality for your health.

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