Sheepa is 100% made of wool

Get protected and stay healthy by choosing your new underwear

Sheepa is Innovative

Wool is ideal thermo regulator, keeps your body temperature constant, providing a feeling of warmth.


Innovative Underwear for man and woman with beneficial effect on health



Gold Medal “New Time” at the International Salon of
Inventions and New Technologies in 2013 PATENT: PCT / BA 2013000006 PUBLISHED
06/05/2014. No: WO2014 / 082139


our products are unique in the market , made of natural materials, wool and cotton. Underwear with wool insertion with purpose to prevent colds of male gland prostate and female reproductive organs. The easiest way to prevent colds. It will keep ladies and gentlemen warm.

How do Sheepa Man and Sheepa Woman are functioning?

Our innovation is based on A 100 % wool insert, covered with the finest cotton. With a stylish and ergonomic design, it is comfortable to wear. The basic wool ingredient is wool grease or lanolin. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-allergic effect, lanolin prevents the survival of viruses, bacteria and mites

Why should you use our products?

It protects urinary tract. Keeps body temperature in a safe range. Does not allow the existence of viruses, bacteria and dust mites. It improves urinary urgency and regulates a slow and intermittent flow of urine. Also, it has a very positive effect on sexual life. Doesn’t this sounds fantastic? The best part is… IT WORKS!!!

The Impact

Just imagine, you could help yourself or somebody you care about reduce the number of “sorry I have to go to the toilet” moments. Especially for someone who goes to the toilet 15, 16 or 17 times a day. Just count lost minutes and missed important moments in your life. We can help reduce it by using Sheepa underwear. Our promise is that you will go to toilet but as often anymore. We are talking about improving your health the 100 % natural way, our unique pad is made of 100% wool and covered with cotton, to prevent health problems and save your life moments for things that you like to do.priceless.001

It is necessary to help our organism to keep his immunity as most important factor against acute and chronic inflammation, as is concern about our own health responsibility that we all carry. By SHEEPA MAN and SHEEPA WOMAN, which have beneficial effect, it just may prevent additional serious disturbances in physical and psychological aspects of health.

 SHEEPA PRODUCTS – For man and woman



SHEEPA MAN (men’s underwear) is produced in such way that inserts of natural wool are covered by cotton and placed at the bottom of the crotch. This kind of lining will have a beneficial effect on the genital parts for men of all ages.


Sheepa Woman (woman’s underwear), with inserts of natural wool covered by cotton. It is placed in the upper abdomen and bottom of the crotch where it will have a beneficial effect on the reproductive health. Protects the reproductive and urinary systems of the inflammatory process caused by a coldness. It is well known that coldness leaves consequences such as acute and chronic infertility and has been confirmed by specialists, urologists and gynecologists. It is also recommended for elderly woman who feel anatomical change of in the lower urinary tract, as well as change in the mechanism of control of urination.